G-Eazy's When It's Dark Out Tour Hits Dallas, TX

G-Eazy's When It's Dark Out tour brought out thousands of the Bay Area's most dedicated fans to The Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum for a sold-out concert that put the rapper's superstar potential on full display.

Before Young Gerald took the stage Harlem rapper A$AP Ferg worked the 4,000-plus person crowd into a frenzy with hits like "Shabba," "Dump Dump" and his latest single "New Level." Despite the raging and the party antics, Ferg made sure to take time to celebrate the life of his friend A$AP Yams with a touching tribute.

As expected, G-Eazy took the stage and the venue went nuts. It's a little hard to comprehend the massive fan base he has considering he's technically an underground rapper who gets no radio play and little media coverage from major music publications. Nonetheless, he's been able to develop a dedicated fan base on the strength of his live show and his heartthrob aesthetic, which is something I wrote about for the Dallas Observer and you can read here.

This wasn't my first time seeing G-Eazy. In fact, this was probably my fourth or fifth time seeing him perform and I'm just taking a guess here but I wouldn't be surprised to see him performing in an arena next time. His superstar trajectory shows no signs of slowing.