Marfa, TX

Cliché photos are typically a photographer's nightmare, right? Nobody wants to be seen as a copycat or unoriginal but every so often there's a landmark or site that is so iconic it needs to be captured and there's only so many ways it can happen. This permanent installation by Elmgreen and Dragset called Prada Marfa is one of those for me. It's just one of those photos I've always wanted to capture and after an 8-hour drive from Dallas I sure as hell wasn't going to be shy about getting it. Now, as cliché as this may sound, I'm really glad I did shoot this because not only was the Marfa road trip a great time but a great story came out of this moment. 

My friend and I had talked about going to Marfa for a while to check out the installations and just take in the laid-back nature of the small town but the real catalyst for us finally heading out there was a band we both like from Brooklyn called Slothrust was playing a show at an outdoor venue called El Cosmico and it just seemed like the perfect opportunity to make the trip. What's funny is the day after we saw the band play at the venue we headed out to this Prada installation and while we were snapping photos and just taking it in the band Slothrust pulled up right behind us and started doing this the same. It was just a genuinely serendipitous moment and they actually asked me to take a photo of them in front of the installation, which they ended up using as a concert flyer. Pretty funny stuff. Anyway, this is probably one of the most cliché photos I'll ever take but I absolutely love it.