Concert Photos With The Canon 5D Mark IV

When the Canon 5D Mark IV was announced I pre-ordered it right away. I had been preparing to buy a new camera the whole year and was hoping to purchase a 1DX Mark II but when I saw this I pounced on it because even it were only slightly better than my wonderful Mark III I'd be happy. I was a little worried though because I wondering how much better the ISO performance would be because from the announcement the ISO range wasn't anything close to what Nikon offers with its brand-new line of cameras. So I was excited/nervous to shoot my first show with the camera. But ... from the images below it's obvious that the ISO performance and dynamic range is amazing. I'm so happy with this camera. The most important thing I'd like to point is how sharp these photos are even with heavy cropping because I was shooting from at least 100 yards away. That 30MP sensor is fantastic but if you miss the focus it will make you pay. Also it was great to take advantage of the wifi and transfer photos to my phone right away. So far, I haven't found any issues with this camera.