Brand New @ Verizon Field

The Dallas Observer sent me to cover Brand New and Modest Mouse's co-headlining show at Verizon Theatre and I found myself in a bit of a conundrum. The show was outside in a field across the road from the venue as a bit of an experiment for AEG & Verizon Theatre called The Field at Verizon Theatre. According to the marketing manager, they want to experiment with an outdoor stage to host festivals and/or concerts that'll draw more than the 5,000-person capacity of the theatre. So that seemed like the most newsworthy angle for my write-up but at the same time there have been rumors swirling about Brand New calling it quits some time soon due to ominous merch for sale this tour that reads: "Brand New 2000-2018." As a huge fan of the band that seems like a pressing, newsworthy take also but it's all hearsay as of now so I settled my focus on the new setting. If you ever want to know how I really feel about Brand New and this current era of touring, this is the post to read

Also, I was genuinely surprised that Brand New allowed photography at this show. Brand New hasn't allowed photography the last two times they've been in town. Allowing photo access was definitely some subtle sign to me that they're close to calling it a day. If this was their farewell tour I think I can accept that. They've certainly delivered the last three times I've seen them in the past two years but I really wish we could've gotten a performance of "The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot." Also, this post says Brand New but it's really just photos of Modest Mouse and Jesse Lacey. Oops.