An Oldie But Goodie

This Matt and Kim show at The Bomb Factory in Dallas helped me realize that I've become a jaded music photographer. In general, there's really nothing wrong with Matt and Kim; they make high-energy "party" songs that are easy to listen to and always deliver a stellar live performance but the only problem I have with it all is that their shows are so scripted. It's been the exact same schtick since I saw them in 2012 (I saw them in 2008 but it was different then). Kim jumps on her drum set and dances, Matt stands up and pumps up the crowd, Kim dances atop the crowd, they pop off confetti cannons and there's always balloons. It's cool but it's always the same. This is only something someone has a problem with when they're working every time it happens, so, yes, I've become a little jaded. It's saddening to me but so far Matt and Kim are the only act that I've felt this way about. I've seen Chance The Rapper at least 8 times but I've never been disappointed. Matt and Kim just need to shake it up a little.