A Sample Of Portraits With Dallas Artists

Over the last few years I settled into a comfort zone with my photography of mostly shooting concerts and sports. As much as I love those two genres of photography I wanted to branch out this year and add portraiture to the repertoire. So, as concert season slowed down over the winter and football season ended I invested in some lighting equipment (1 monolight, 1 strobe, 1 speedlight, several light stands, backdrop kit and seamless rolls of paper) and taught myself how to shoot this style of photography. Fortunately some artists I've worked with in the past were willing to help me out. Special thanks to Lord Byron, Pat Ron and The Outfit, TX!

The biggest adjustment from shooting journalistic type photos to portraiture has been getting used to creating the whole image. With concert or sports photography I'm used to having to make do with the available light, the setting and keeping up with the subject. With studio photography or portraiture I'm in control of all of that and it's a lot more difficult to create the whole image from the lighting technique to the backdrop color/setting and posing the subjects. But it's all part of the learning process and just like I had no idea how to shoot sports a few years ago I'll learn and get used to this too. 

Lord Byron

Pat Ron

The Outfit, TX